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Christine Maries Catering offers many personalized menus, ranging from one-bite appetizers to vegan entrees and elegant desserts. Arrangements can be made for delivery and set up as well as full service catering. Catering and Personal Chef Services

 Cooking Classes ,Private Dining,

Cakes, Cupcakes and Desserts ,are available.

Although there are many  menu items listed, our customers are always requesting new items. Contact us for more information and we will create the menu at your request. 610-358-0252


Catering Service   in Glen Mills Pa

 Personalized Cooking and Baking Lessons by our  Chef Christine for friends and couples.

  Theme parties are in trend and we have innovative ideas to make your event the talk of the town.

 In our Event Menus there are sample menus from previous themed events.




Butternut Squash Green Apple Soup

Assorted Gourmet Cupcakes and Mini Desserts

 Specialty Cupcakes shows many options with creative extravagant flavors. You won't find these at your local supermarket.


Marinated in lemon juice, yogurt and Tunisian spices - super tender!

Catering And Personal Chef in Glen Mills

in Glen Mills

An off-premise catering and event planning service available to Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware

Catering for All-Occasions

at your favorite location

home, farm , winery ,etc.

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Fresh Local and Sustainable

Classically trained

locally groomed with creativity

Chef Christine is the owner and sales representative, she plans  events in order to meet each individuals needs and preferences. Our menus and events are planned and balanced with our customers needs in mind.

Highly experienced in American Style Cuisine

French and many other world cuisines

Able to meet the needs of

Vegetarians and people with most food allergies

Some of our produce and fresh herbs are grown by us

 Our chef is also locally raised.

Our Office Space

Wedding Planning and Receptions

Graduation Parties

Theme Parties

​Corporate Events

Employing the services of Christine Marie's Catering means you are hiring a the services of a professionally trained chef and event manager who has the experience to guarantee that your event will seem like it went off without  a hitch, even if there is one! She has served   to 500 -600  people at our annual event for the last 15 years. Most years it seems like a walk in the park for her. However one year, we all arrived to find that the door to the kitchen in our privately rented facility was locked. No one knew who had a key. there were only 2 hours to set up for this event and it took an hour to get the door unlocked.She and her staff were planning alternative ways to heat the food and setting up everything they possibly could without entering the "locked kitchen" . Finally the facilities worker showed up to unlock the door. Even with this setback the food was out in time for the guests, with only a few minute delay. A real PRO

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Specialty Cupcakes Cakes and  Desserts