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Slow Movement  Food

​We make our food fresh - after you order it

Slow Food has been  developed instead of FAST FOOD 

It takes longer to prepare and uses healthier ingredients.

It uses more regional traditions,fresher ingredients, and very little processed foods. When a person cooks with passion and has talent it tastes and looks better than FAST Food. Sometimes its going to cost more.

But then again ,as the old saying goes;

"You get what you pay for".

 When it comes to planning a menu we prefer to slow down and connect with our "people".This way we can provide better healthier food. 


Pricing - A business lesson

 Our menus are customized but we have added sample menus with some prices to help you get ballpark pricing.  For a full meal ,you should start your budgeting at $16.00 -$18.00 per person for a buffet which includes ; 2 entrees, 1 starch and 1 vegetables, and maybe a salad depending upon your selection. WOW that's a lot ,Not Really  , I went out to a local sandwich shop and paid $12.00 for an over easy cheese-steak, french fries and a fountain drink. Not much cooking there Eh? When we cook for your event usually we spend 8 hours for about 35 guests. In fact a 3 course dinner for 12 may also take 8 or more hours. The smaller parties also require personalized shopping rather than deliveries by our vendors.

There is something you need to understand. Just as your weekly food bill goes up at a super market, so does ours.  In fact  beef has risen and pork and dairy and transportation. I'm not just talking about the price of gas. Lets talk; repairs on vehicles,tires,oil changes  and insurance .

We plan every event personally. Menus are planned with your needs in mind. So if we start with a budget ,then we can get creative. After 35 years in the business we believe that we know what works. Call or or email us to start planning your event . 610-358-0252

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